Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bard in and the Red Sox in a tailspin

Well I hate to gloat especially when it comes to the Red Sox losing, but I called Bard and his troubles locating his fastball. Bard says it is mechanical issues and this is something he has battled before. Bard has set the bar so high it is tough to keep up what he has been doing at that level the entire year. he has made it look easy thus far. This is the most important spot of Bard's young career and maybe for his entire career. If he wants to be the Closer in the future he must be able figure out these mechanical issues real fast. If he is closing games out and he has 3 awful outings in a row (it hasn't just been the last 3 outings he has struggled in. His ERA is over 7 since July 31.) he better be able to work through these issues and get back into his groove or fans will really be on him and not stop. See Papelbon. So for the Red Sox and young Mr. Bard this 4 game series against Tamp Bay will either let the Red Sox have a strangle hold on the Wild Card, set them up for 1 final push at the division, or will they be sailing off into the sunset and warmer climates. Lets hope we have some October baseball to cheer about soon.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Will they pull out the division? Or is the wild card our destiny?

After some very tough games over the last week the red sox need to take a deep breath and relax. Are their some things to be worried about? Yes. Are they still going to make the playoffs? Yes. So lets get our guys get healthy and get ready for October baseball! But as good red sox fans do what are some problems that are showing up with a month left of the reg. season...

#1) Starting pitching and this includes Jon Lester. Lester is a horse, but the Yankees have seen him a lot over the years and it showed in his last start against them! Lester couldn't blow his fastball by the likes of Andruw Jones and the gang. They fouled off pitches and Lester couldn't get past the 6th. If Lester doesn't win his games it could be a short postseason. The bigger concern though is obvious who will be the #3 pitcher?Lackey or Bedard? Miller and Wake are awful! Im going with Lackey. Lackey since coming off the phantom DL has been solid and has a winning record. He is a fiery guy and I love that he went after... what's that catchers name with 3 HR is his career? I don't remember crappy players names but good for Lackey!

#2) The Corner OF spots; outside of Ellsbury the OF production has been awful. For 2011 Crawford has been a bust, but a big postseason could turn that around. Who will play RF Reddick has struggled recently and needs to make the adjustments. Drew is fragile but has carried us before. McDonald is a bum and I wont talk about him ever again. Connor Jackson was acquired late, and has a month tryout to show us what he has.

#3) Who will be our ss.  Lowrie has showed with his numerous errors that he is not a major league every day player for a contending team. Will Scutaro stay healthy? Will he produce enough to hide the other weak spots in the lineup? Could Iglesias get a shot late and make impact? i say Scutaro takes it.

#4) People may get mad but will Bard be the nasty setup man we will need! ok ok not that big of a concern, but it showed in the yankee game that Bard does struggle with throwing strikes consistently. If you can wait him out and stay off the slider he is hittable. He throws 96 mph plus, but talented hitters like the yankees have and can hit it if it isn't located near perfectly! We need him to be the guy to bail out the SP if they get in a mess, and he couldn't do that this week.

Alright everybody, I'm trying to get Brad back in the mix but he is exhausted with his baby girl! See you soon and go Sox!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome to Red Sox Nation!

Sorry Guys for the lack of posts for the last couple of days/weeks. A couple of reasons 1) Work Internet has been down for me (Randy) for about 2 weeks.  2) Brad's work blocked out our site (bastards they must be yankee fans) 3) the best reason of all I'd like to welcome the newest edition to RED SOX NATION "Olive" Malay. Brad had a baby girl last weekend when he should have been at the Red Sox  vs. Yankee game with me. I guess it is a good excuse. So he will be out of commission for awhile changing diapers and feeding the young one. However, I have heard Olive has been watching sportscenter with the old man and he has been whispering sweet anti yankee sayings to her every night!

I promise we will get back on the field and start our matchup reports and rants again very soon!

So till then.... LETS GO RED SOX!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sorry for the lack of

Sorry for the lack of posts internet has been down. Im sending this post via phone from sox vs yanks game! Go sox!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer: Royals vs. Red Sox

Not even this could get me excited for this series!

Both Brad and I predicted the sweep against the M's. The M's had the better pitching matchup, but their offense is awful. Now the Sox face the Royals, and it is officaly that time of year where the Red Sox play awful teams and I get bored. Hopefully they can take 3 out of 4 and move on to the next series against the White Sox. Here is the Matchup...

Jon Lester (10-4, 3.31) vs. RHP Kyle Davies (1-9, 7.32)
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win    Brad Picks: Red Sox win

The Good: Lester is back after a quick stint on the DL due to his lat injury. He should be poised to dominate again. This type of injury can nag players through out the year, but lets hope it was only minor.  All indications are that he is healthy and should be the #2 pitcher behind Beckett. Pedroia is on a 21 game hit streak. Carl Crawford is batting .375 since coming off the DL.
The Bad: For this entire series their isnt much Bad stuff to talk about. As a fan I can be bored, but as a player you have to grind these series out, win them, and move on. As long as the Red Sox pay attention they should be fine.

Andrew Miller (4-1, 4.65) vs. LHP Danny Duffy (2-4, 4.58)
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win   Brad Picks: Red Sox win

The Good: Miller pitched well last game not giving up a hit till the 5th inning. As long as he throws strikes he should be fine against the young lineup of the Royals. With Pedroia, Gonzo, Ellsbury and Youk playing well it is a tough call regarding who will be the leader of the offense in this game/series.
The Bad: Not much just grind these games out and dont kill your bullpen

John Lackey (8-8, 6.28) vs. LHP Bruce Chen (5-3, 3.30)
Randy Picks: Red Sox Lose      Brad Picks: Red Sox Win

The Good: Lackey out pitched King Felix last game and while the M's offense is suspect Lackey looked good. Hopefully Lackey can keep up his solid outings and get above .500 for the season.
The Bad: Not much again. Chen is a veteran pitcher and has pretty good season numbers. With the veteran on the mound and the difficulty of sweeping a 4 game series, I think the Sox drop this one.

Josh Beckett (9-3, 2.07) vs. RHP Luke Hochevar (6-8, 5.29)
Randy Picks: Sox Win     Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
The Good: Beckett has allowed 3 or fewer runs in 15 of 17 games he has pitched. He is the man right now and should get the win again. Oh yeah thank god the series is over after this game.
The Bad: None! The Red Sox better win this game or it could come back to haunt them in Sept.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Matchup Seattle vs Boston

Tough Pitching Matchup for Sox!

Here we go back at it again! Randy is down 2 games in our head to head matchup so let's get it on! This could be the series to make me or break me in Matchup battle. Let's Go Sox!

Felix Hernandez (8-8, 3.26) vs.  John Lackey (7-8, 6.70)
Randy Picks: Sox win                    Brad Picks: Sox win
The Good: John Lackey has thrown better of late and will need a solid outing for the Red Sox to be able to pull out a win against  the reining Cy Young winner and arguably the best pitcher in the game. Will JD Drew start this game. He has solid numbers against the Hernandez and their are only a few that do. This maybe Drews last chance look for him to get the start and show he has something left. The M's have lost 12 straight. The Red Sox have won 10 of 12. Lackey has given up 3 runs in his last 13.1 and struck 14 in that same time.
The Bad: Hernandez is the man and the sox are throwing Lackey.King Felix is 3-0 on road at Fenway vs Sox with ERA of 1.49 via @alexspeier. Not much else to say total  mismatch on paper!

Blake Beavan (1-1, 2.70) vs. Josh Beckett (8-3, 2.12)
Randy Picks:  Sox Win                        Brad Picks: Sox win
The Good: Who in the world is Blake Beaven? We have Beckett on the mound who has been dominate! Total mismatch on paper this time for the sox!
The Bad: The Sox always do poorly against pitchers they have never faced before. Watch out!

Michael Pineda (8-6, 3.24) vs. Tim Wakefield (5-3, 4.80)
Randy Picks:   Sox Win                        Brad Picks: Sox Win
The Good:  We have Tim Wakefield on the mound and teams struggle against the knuckleball if they do not see it a lot and when Tim is on! The M's Offense is atrocious with bust Figgins leading the way. Don't Let Figgins on though cause he will run circles around the knuckleball.
The Bad: Pineda is one of the great young pitchers in the game. Some scouts believe he is better then King Felix but only time will tell. This is the game of the series if the Sox win they should take the series. Watch Out  with these pitchers the M's have going anything from a sweep to a loss of 2 out of 3 is possible.

Great and then Brad picks sweep too...God I hate him sometimes. Right now it looks like I will be the only one updating the blog since Brads fine work blocked him from accessing it! Don't they know how important the Sox are! We will figure it out!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 First Half Offensive Red Sox Report Card

The 1st Half Red Sox are in 1st place! Can they stretch their lead over the rest of the AL EAST?

This was a very interesting first half of the 2011 Baseball season. We started off with fans jumping off the bandwagon very quickly as the Red Sox seemed to find a way to lose almost every night. The lineup was in disarray and the new players especially Crawford and even Gonzalez were struggling. However, I credit the rough start that the pitchers (except for Beckett) and that includes the bullpen for the horrendous start to the season. Each one of the starters for the first few times through the rotation and through the bullpen struggled and couldn't hold any lead. However, as we headed into May the rotation and lineup started clicking and they turned things around to where they got themselves into 1st place. Then another skid where we were losing to teams like the Pirates where our lineup lost its identity again. Papi was playing first and Gonzo in RF this needed to keep these guys dialed in. Also, the Sox were seeing pitchers for the first time and we know how they do when seeing a new young pitcher. The Sox have also had their share of injuries early on in the season and that is the biggest question mark heading into the 2nd half. Will we be healthy enough to make the playoffs and go deep? So we are going to go player by player down the roster give them 3 Up! 3 Down's grade for the first half of the 2011 baseball Season!

The Starting Lineup:

Jacoby Ellsbury: Grade A
 As most of the Red Sox did Ells got off to a horrible start, but after being dropped down in the order by Tito, Jacoby turned things around and  was the catalyst for this team. He has put most peoples thoughts of him being a soft player behind him and is poised to become a superstar. He leads the league in Stolen Bases and was honored by being selected to his first All-Star game!

Dustin Pedroia: Grade C
Dustin has had flashes of brilliance, but has really been bothered by his injuries. After the Dr.'s ok about his knee he has started to turn in around again.

Adrian Gonzalez: Grade A - 
Adrian is the Man! After his slow start he made his adjustments and got acclimated to Boston and is poised to be in the conversation for AL MVP!

Kevin Youkilis:  Grade C+
Youk has been hurt most of the season with nagging injuries to his hip, ankles, neck, back. Yet, he has been in the lineup nearly everyday and is trying to help this team in any way he can. He gets the + because his transition to 3B has been flawless!

David Ortiz: Grade A -
Going into the season many people questioned whether this will be the last we see of Big Papi in a Red Sox uniform. Who knows this could still be it, but it won't be because he is not performing. Papi was voted into the All-Star game and it was a wise decision by the fans. Papi is back ti hitting the ball to the opposite field and that is when he is at his best! Just heard a 4 game suspension for his exploits against he Orioles (He will most liekly appeal it to 3 games) hopefully that doesn't cool him off too much to start the 2nd Half!

Now it starts to get tricky.

J.D. Drew: Grade D -
Drew is a fraction of who he was last year and he was awful last year. Is he hurt, ready to retire, or just slumping? Only he knows but he better watch out because the Red Sox will replace him as it has gone to a platoon with Reddick/McDonald already in RF. I think the Sox are hoping he catches fire for a couple weeks and they can ride that, Watch Out! He doesn't get an F becasue he plays great defense still.

Jason Varitek/ Jarrod Saltalamacchia:  Grade B -
After an awful start to the season by both players they have both turned it around and Tito has figured how to use these guys. They both ended the first half very hot and contributing offensively and defensively. Tek has showed how an aging player can turn into a back with out distracting the team. Salt handles Wake that Dougie behind the plate?

Jed Lowrie/Marco Scutaro: Grade B -
Jed Lowrie carried this team for two weeks and helped them rebound from the awful start they got themselves into. However, he got hurt again and Marco Scutaro has stepped in after Lowrie wrestled the starting SS job away from him. Scutaro has settled in nicely helping the team like he always does on both sides of the field. Question is as Lowrie gets healthier what does Tito do to get these guys playing time? Maybe give Youk a couple more days off to mend? Who Knows.
Carl Crawford: Grade C-
Now yes Crawford has struggled adjusting to the Red Sox and put way too much pressure on himself. Cannot argue with how bad he has played but he has been clutch with many game winning hits. Once he is healthy again hopefully he comes back and starts producing like he always does. He may be the biggest key offensively to his team in 2nd half.

Josh Reddick/ Drew Sutton/McDonald and the Others Grade: B
Reddick and Sutton hve done and amazing job stepping into the lineup due to injuries or ineffectiveness and working their tales off in the first half. They are they reasons why we are in 1st place. They do not make easy outs and play solid defense. Can they keep getting big hits night in and night out thats doubtful but we will take anything we can get from them as the starters get healthy. Oh McDonald you suck and get off the team.

Pitchers will be done later with all the injuries it is almost impossible to grade them!

What do you think about the 1st half grades? Leave a note in the comments section!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mr. Baseball: Derek Jeter too Tired for '11 All-Star Game

  • Derek Jeter's bat looks slow on Friday night against the Blue Jays' Octavio Dotel. >
Listen yeah I am a Red Sox fan and yes I HATE Derek Jeter, but I am also a fan of baseball and pride myself in being able to look at the game of Baseball with out wearing a Red Sox hat all the time.

Derek Jeter does not have the talent of other players like A-Rod or even Nomar. Im sure we all had the same debate over about who is better many times. While Jeter doesn't have all the tools of a super star players like A-Rod, he does bring intangibles, and respect of the game, and doing things the right way to his teams. We have heard all of the cliches before and they all probably fit him perfectly. However, during this chase for 3000 hits, which he battled through "injury" and tireless media interviews, Jeter made a terrible mistake that should follow him through out the rest of his career. Days after reaching his great accomplishment, further intrenching himself in Yankee and MLB immortality Jeter skipped out on the fans game, and won't attend the 2011 All-Star game in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jeter was voted in as a starter to this year's All-Star Game and while he has not had an All-Star type year, .270 avg .330 ops, 24 RBI, 78 H, he was voted in by the #1 group of people that every player/team should bow down in front of... the die hard, passionate, fanatical fans of baseball. All we want is to have the chance to see Jeter play a game, or be on the field during the pregame ceremony. We want to be entertained for a few days and see some of the best players of their generation together on 1 field at 1 time, and to say I was there. We wanted to say I saw the Great Derek jeter cheering on his teamate Cano during the HR Derby. But, alas No. Jeter is tired.

Jeter owes it to the players past, present, and future. Can you believe no other NYY had 3000 Hits.  The greats of DiMaggio, Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig, Berra, Williams, Brosius, O'Neil...whoa whoa sorry got a little carried away with the NYY greats... all kidding aside many Baseball and Yankee greats never reached 3000 hits. Jeter needs to show his thanks to these great past players. He needs to let greats of baseball past, who never reached that mark rub shoulders with him and let them hear more of his story. Together with the past players, current all stars, and fans of baseball need to celebrate this amazing feat that so many other have not been able to ascertain.  In addition he owes it to the players now who may be at the All-Star game the for the first time and maybe their only time (David Robertson) and let them enjoy their moment with the only NYY to reach 3000 hits. He also owes it to the players who have yet to come. Derek Jeter is and  will always will be a role model to players coming through the system. He keeps his life on and off the field out of the lime light and does everything the "right way". We need more players like Jeter who understand that partying and having fun is fine, but that we don't need to see a mug shot on SporsCenter or scathing pictures of players with Coeds in their dorm rooms all over the internet. What example is he showing the guys like Harper, Strasburg, Randaundo? That iti is ok to to set records and be exemplary, but you don't have responsibilities to the game!

Now people will say that he doesn't owe anything to the game anymore, or that he has earned the right not to to go to the All-Star game. That at age 37 and 17 years in MLB that he has done everything in his career the right way and he needs a break! He is tired. His calf is sore. He can't travel all over the country and that the NYY's and winning comes first!

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! If Manny Being Manny did this in 2006 we would have tarred and feathered him!

Jeter owes everything he has to the game of Baseball! He owes everything to the fans that want to enjoy their once in a life time experience at the 2011 All-Star Game! You signed a couple baseballs and did a few interviews, and you think you have honored the Past, Present, Future? You think you have honored The Game?

Think again Mr. Baseball! You need to be  more like Reyes, Victorino, Polanco, and Braun! Tip your cap, sign some more autographs, take some more pictures, and let MLB have another mind blowing ceremony in your honor. Then do the right thing and thank the millions of BASEBALL fans past, present, and around the world that got you to where you are today!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heading Towards Break: Sox and Birds

So, wow, that was fast. The first half of the year comes to a close with this series, and the Sox are, as expected, neck in neck with the Yankees heading into the break. A lot of good, and bad, has come from this first half, which I'll go into in a post during the All-Star game, but for now, lets break down this current matchup, where hopefully, the Sox aren't already thinking about Tee times and bikinis.

Game 1: Andrew Miller[2-0, 3.06] v. Jake Arietta[9-5, 4.74]
Brad Picks: Sox Win
Randy Picks: Sox win
-The Good: Andrew Miller has made a statement to the Red Sox fans this year. He has figured out his issues with walking people, and has proven that he deserves a spot in this rotation. His 13K is 17ip is a good omen to his stuff, but he's pitching to contact a little more, and not trying to be so careful, which I'll assume is why he isn't walking as many. Also, the Sox are on a nice little roll of late since the STUPID interleague games are over.
-The Bad: None. The Red Sox should be beating up on Arietta, who was rocked against the Braves, and missed his last start with elbow inflamation. The Sox should take advantage of this, and I think they will. Look for AGon and Youk to continue to roll in this one. One thing I wanted to add to this post about Andrew Miller, and we saw last night with some struggles, is that he has gone up against the likes of the Pirates, Padres, Astros, and Orioles... not hard hitting lineups by any means. Something to keep an eye on is how he pitches agaisnt the Rays and Yankees comeing up -Randy

Game 2: Josh Beckett [7-3, 2.12] v. Zach Britton [6-6, 3.47]
Brad Picks: Sox Win
Randy Picks: Sox win
-The Good: Josh Beckett. Period. While some of the O's have some decent numbers against the big righty, his year this year (even with the flu shit) has been off the chart good thus far. I'm confident every time he takes the bump lately, and that isn't gonna change in this start.
-The Bad: Again, none. The only negative I see here is that, like always, the Sox offense doesn't show up for Josh Beckett on an all-too-often basis. They need to put some runs on the board for the All-Star.

Game 3: John Lackey [not worth citing] v. TBD
Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
Randy Picks: Sox Win
Lets be honest here, nothing good is coming out of John Lackey's starts this year, and since we don't know who the O's starter is, how can we predict how the game is gonna go. I'm calling a win just because I have faith in the offense.

Game 4: Alfredo Aceves [3-1, 3.74]* v. TBD
Brad Picks: Sox Win
Randy Picks: Sox win

See the above. It's hard to know what to expect when you don't know the starter, so I'll slip my blinders back on, and hope that the big bats continue to pound away at bad pitching, and we end this first half on a high note, and in first place as the Rays stomp the piss out of NY in their last series. I'd love to see NY heading into the break in third place.
Everyone have a nice little break from the old team, and we'll see you again mid-month.

Brad and Randy.

*Aceves pitched two easy innings last night in relief of Andrew Miller. This may just be some side work done in a game or we could be seeing the young Kyle Weiland from AAA. Stay tuned when we know you will know.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

John Lackey (5-7)  vs. B. Morrow (4-4)
Randy Picks: Red Sox Loss    Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
The Good: Lackey pitched a great game against the Phillies but took the 
The Bad: Morrow struck out 10 in a 7 IP performance against the Pirates.
 Could he be the 10th pitcher to strike out 10 or more against the red sox? 
Norris was 9th

John Lester (10-4)  vs.  B. Cecil  (1-3)
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win   Brad Picks: Red Sox win
The Good: Lester pitched a great game against the Phillies and got the win. 
However, he has struggled previously
The Bad: I think Lester's win loss record shows 2 things: 
1) it is not a good barometer of how good a pitcher is Lester has struggled 
and still has amassed 10 wins 
2) which should go under the good, the red sox have a tremendous offense.

Tim Wakefield  (4-3)  vs R. Romero (7-7)
Randy Picks: Red Sox win    Brad picks: Red Sox Loss
The Good: hmmm its the blue jays?
The Bad: Tim Wakefield got smoked against the Astros. Yes the Astros. 
Lets hope Bucch is back soon after the All-star break
Romero has gone 7 innings or more in his last 9 starts. damn thats pretty 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Red Sox vs. Astros

mlb baseball Houston Astros vs Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox bounced back to a nice win against the Phillies in the last game of the series. However, they have been dreadful in interleague play. Lets hope they can bounce back against Brad Mills and the Astros.

 RHP Tim Wakefield (4-3, 4.54) vs. RHP Bud Norris (4-6, 3.36), 8:05 p.m
Randy Picks Red Sox Win   Brad Picks
The Good and Bad is who in the world is Bud Norris? Sox should beat him up but they do poorly against pitchers they havent faced much of.

LHP Andrew Miller (1-0, 3.09) vs. LHP J.A. Happ (3-9, 5.54), 7:05 p.m
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win     Brad Picks:
Miller pitched well in his last start and JA Happ has struggled lets hope the sox can give miller an early lead.

 RHP Josh Beckett (6-3, 2.20) vs. RHP Jordan Lyles (0-3, 4.75), 2:05 p.m
Randy Picks: Red Sox win     Brad Picks:
Can Josh Beckett get back into his groove? He cannot have a repeat performance like he did against the Phillies or Verlander will run away with the Cy Young!

Enjoy the 4th of July and Stay safe!  Lets GO RED SOX!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All-Star Game 2011 Ballot Sponsored by Sprint. Last Chance to Vote. You can help decide these close races.

I usually don't get all worked up about the All-Star game even though
"It Counts" but I would like credit where credit is due. So vote for Papi,
Adrian Gonzalez, and Jacoby Ellsbury they are haveing tremendous
years! Keep Texiara on the Bench!
Voting ends 6/30/11


Last Chance to Vote!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Matchup Red Sox Vs. Phillies a preview?

After a week hiatus from everything I am back. Thanks to Brad for keeping this going  * while I recharged my batteries at the Bruins Stanley Cup Parade and 2 Red Sox games when they played the Brewers. 2 Questions 1) What in the world is wrong with Jon Lester? 2) Where will we find a competent backup OF? Or conversely, maybe a competent starting outfielder? As has been noted, the Red Sox lead the league in nearly every single offensive category, but in right field, they are nearly dead last in those same categories. The ghosts of Drew and Cameron kill this team in big spots, and while JD might accidentally get into on here and there, his days as a full-time outfielder for the Red Sox are over, and Theo should be looking to move on. In the Pittsburgh series, the Red Sox right fielders went 2-24 in their respective at bats. One of those two was an infield hit. The Red Sox are a Lamborghini with a flat tire right now, and they better take care of it one way or the other. But alas, Those are questions to be answered in other lets size up arguably the 2 best teams in MLB.

* Brad added this photo

Tuesday: RHP Josh Beckett (6-2, 1.86) vs. LHP Cliff Lee (8-5, 2.87)

-The Good: This is an amazing matchup between Cliff lee the big free agent signing last year for the Phils against the comeback player of the year and AL Cy Young winner contender. Josh Beckett has hit 2 HR's at Citizens Bank Park. (Brad and I were at the first game Beckett his a HR in) Adrian Gonzalez is 7-10 against Lee. Crazy good!
-The Bad: Beckett has missed a number of starts due to a wicked stomach flu. Will he have his stamina back and will all of the rust be off? This could be the moment where Beckett wins or loses the Cy Young. A bad outing or two heading into the All-Star break could be ok with the team but horrible for the kid.

Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win

 RHP John Lackey (5-6, 7.36) vs. RHP Vance Worley (2-1, 2.83)

-The Good: Rollins and Utley are a combined 0-9 against the Lackey.
-The Bad: Obviously John Lackey is a negative right now. He has struggled recently but some might just chalk his last loss up to horrible wet weather, but those people may wear pink hats. My take Lackey is going to eventually go back on the DL when Bucch is healthy and Lester figures out what is wrong with him. The Red Sox have never faced Worley and the Sox always struggle with pitchers they see for the first time. Add that Agon is going to have to take a day off or move to the OF  sooner or later to let Papi play could see it here against the righty. Franciso and Ibanez have good numbers against all of the Red Sox pitchers.

Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win

 LHP Jon Lester (9-4, 3.66) vs. LHP Cole Hamels (9-4, 2.49)

-The Good:
Lester is on the Mound! Howard is 0-6 with 5 k's. Adrian Gonzalez is hitting .364 while Pedroia is 5-10 against Hamels.
-The Bad:Lester is on the mound. 9-4 record and a mid 3 ERA are not to shabby, but if you watch the games Lester is all over the place. How is his velocity? It is sitting in the low to mid 90's. His control though is awful.
Coming into the season people were saying Lester had surpassed Beckett as the ace of the club, and maybe that will happen soon but Lester has not shown that he can do that. Take two Saturdays ago when he faced the Brewers: Lester gave up 2 runs in the first and struggled, but that isn't where it went down hill for Lester and doesn't make me question if he is an ace its what happens next. The Sox tied it up in the bottom and had the momentum. A good ace will shut the door and get the lineup up again. Lester gives up a HR and the sox never had a chance. An Ace will shut the door and Lester couldn't do that when the team needed it. One example yes but until he can do that consitesntly Beckett is the Ace! Oh don't forget Cole Hamels is a great pitcher!!!

Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
Randy Picks: Red Sox lose

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stop Embarrassing Yourselves: Sox v. Pirates

Okay, well in what should have been one of the most lopsided beatdowns in recent history, despite the pitchers going, the Red Sox once again, embarrassed themselves by losing a couple to the worst team in the NL.
The Padres are about as bad an offense as you'll find in baseball, and their pitching isn't much better, but somehow, the Red Sox managed to lose two of the three games at Fenway. They outslugged the Padres nearly 3:1, but just couldn't bring those ducks in off the pond when they needed to. Yesterdays rainfest was the straw. With four rain delays in the game, Lackey completely shitted the joint up. Again. The DL list is starting to hurt a little bit, as yesterdays gamed featured both Darnell McDonald and the ghost of Mike Cameron in the starting lineup - nevermind Drew Sutton, but I'll get to all that in a later post about roster moves that I've been cooking up.
But, this is a new series, and the Sox have to take advantage of what is an imperative set of games in the NL parks. The Yankees aren't falling back anytime soon, so they can ill-afford to start losing games and series that they should win, less they find themselves four games out at the break.3
So, while I called for a sweep of the Padres (foolish, I know), I'm once again making that mistake for this series (steak dinner be damned). There is a little bit of a mix-up about who's gonna start Saturday, as Beckett has been diagnosed with some kind of stomach problem, but we'll go with the scheduled starters for now. With the off day today, things might change, which I'll reflect tomorrow.

Lets break it down:

Tomorrow's Game:
Jon Lester [9-3, 3.70] versus Paul Maholm [3-8, 3.29]
-The Good: It's the Pirates, and granted I said the same thing about SD, c'mon now. If the Red Sox can't beat a lowly Pittsburgh team with Jon Lester on the bump, we're in pretty bad shape right now.
-he Bad: Jon Lester's last few outings have not inspired me at all.
My keys to this game lies solely on Lester: he has to throw strikes and get them deep into a game and give this team a chance to get those bats heated back up. The Sox have been good on the road after that first road set of the year, so let's hope the big left pulls it together.
Brad Picks: Red Sox win.
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win

Saturday's Game:
Josh Beckett*[6-2, 1.86] versus Jeff Karstens [4-4, 2.54]
-The Good: Again, it's the Pirates, and the Sox have seen Jeff Karstens before, so many of them are at least a little bit familiar. I don't really think it matters if AGon has seen him (or any other pitcher on this planet).
-The Bad: Beckett has been sick for a week, so if he makes this start, he could be a little shaky after the time off, but on the other hand, it could help him as well. Hopefully he comes out and is as absolutely brilliant as he's been all year.
Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win

I think beckett got pushed back not sure of rotation

Sunday's Game
Tim Wakefield [4-2,4.56] versus James McDonald [5-4, 4.56]
-The Good: Wakefield has been pitching well, and despite the fact that the Pirates have beaten the piss out of RA Dickey twice this year, Tim's flutterball is a little different than Dickey's, so I'm hoping for the best. I absolutely hate picking Wakefield to win any game ever, but I'm going with him on this one and hope the Sox knock around McDonald early. The Pirates hurler boasts a very, very bad stat line the second and third time through the lineup this year.
-The Bad: Wakefield is due to be taken to the woodshed anytime now...
My keys to this game are the offense. Wake's gonna give up a few, so you gotta score in this one. Wake loves to face the team he came up with, and in the past has done well. He's also a decent hitter in his interleague games, so we'll see...
Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
Randy Picks: Red Sox win

In closing, let me say this: If AGon finds himself in RF this week, to avoid David Ortiz getting his panties all bunched up about not playing, I'm going to think much, much less of Terry Francona. Ortiz could use a night or two off, and to be honest, when these games get out of hand, he'll be put in anyhow (crosses fingers).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sorry, Everyone.

So, We're really sorry for the time off, but this past couple weeks has been crazy. Randy had a family event (at Fenway no less), and I have been super busy moving, so things have just been hectic and it all came to a head during the Brewers series.
We missed the picks on that Series, but we're here now.
We text each other last night the picks, and we both picked a Sox sweep here in the SD series, and so far, we're a third of the way there.
Josh Beckett has been "sick" the past few days, which I personally think is bullshit, and that the Sox are just trying to line up the Philly series, but he'll be skipped tonight for Aceves.
There seems to be some uproar over moving AGon to left field, which I'm going to say is STUPID. If Ortiz can't handle pinch hitting, then go screw. AGon is the best player in baseball right now, and you don't move him to a weird position just so Ortiz can keep swinging. Period. If AGon gets a day off, that's fine, but under no circumstances should he be in the outfield.
Anyhow, we'll be back in full force soon enough, and as always, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sox versus Rays.

So, after a much deserved day off, the old team gets right back on the horse tonight with the first game of a three-game set versus those pesky Rays. Both teams have had their moments this year to date, and right now, it's the Sox who are on the tear.
Hopefully, Randy and myself didn't put the reverse mojo on the Sox after posting about all these offensive treasures Boston is in possession of.
So, lets break it down:

Tonight's Matchup:

Tim Wakefield [3-1, 4.84era] versus James Shields [5-4, 2.85era]
Brad Picks: Sox Win - Randy Picks: Sox Win
The Good:
-Tim Wakefield has pitched well in his role to date this year.
-This offense is on a tear like few have ever seen the last ten games.
-Wakefield has some decent numbers against some of the Rays, but not many.
-Sheilds is privy to being beaten by the Sox, so lets hope that keeps going!
The Bad:
-James Shields has pitched very well this year
-The Red Sox are due for a let down
-Tim Wakefield.

My picks for standout performances this game fall right on Ortiz, who has punished the ball the past 15 games. Put guys on, he'll bring them home for you.

Tomorrow's Matchup:

Josh Beckett [5-2. 2.06era] verus Jeremy Hellickson [7-4, 3.03era]
Brad Picks: Sox Win - Randy Picks: Sox Win
The Good:
-Josh Beckett and his awesome year to date.
-The Sox Bats.
The Bad:
-Jeremy Hellickson, and his awesome year to date.
This game has a 12-9 score written all over it. Rarely do these matchups pan out.

My picks for standout performances are Josh Beckett and Papelbon.

Thursday's Matchup:
Clay Buchholz [5-3, 3.59era] versus David Price [7-5, 3.51]
Brad Picks: Red Sox Win - Randy Picks: Sox Lose
The Good:
-Not a lot here. The Sox don't have great numbers against Price, so really, we're just hoping he has an off day on Thursday, or the Sox bats keep it going the way they have.
-Clay has pitched servicably lately, and could easily shut down this Ray's offense.
The Bad:
-David Price

My call for standout is going to be Pedroia, Salty, Cameron (who will play) and Youkilis. They have to take advantage of the left, because he's just so tough on other lefties.

These three games are a tough call. It's tough to pick games with good pitching matchups on paper, because like I said, they rarely work out to be gems. I'm going to have to go with the hotter of the offense, and pick the Sox to hold down the Rays and sweep yet again on the backs of the offense.

In Awe of Adrian Gonzalez

I am definitely on the Adrian Gonzalez bandwagon! What he has been able to do over the last 2 months has opened up  my I eyes to what a great player he is! People said that he was a top 10 - top 5 player in MLB. I couldnt disagree more with those guys. He has been the man-crush Theo has had for a number of years and seem like a tremendous consolation price for losing out on the Mark Texiara Sweepstakes. I think Adrian Gonzalez is the best player right now in the MLB. People will say what about Pujols? Texiara? Reyes? A-rod? and yes it is not even the all star break of the first season with the Red Sox yet I have a prediction and it may not be this season... but Adrian Gonzalez will be the next TRIPLE CROWN WINNER!!!

Gonzalez posses the ability to become the best player in the game and surpass the great Albert Pujols! Albert has dominated MLB for a decade now. 3 MVP awards, been runner up 4 times, and won the ROY.  However he is approaching Free Agency and seems this year he is succumbing to the pressure of the contract year. Pujols is only batting .273 and only has 71 hits so far this season. However, Adrian Gonzalez has better players surrounding him, a better park to hit in, and is younger then Pujols. Now, I am not saying Agon is better than Pujols overall and will end up the best player at the end of the season.  You cant say that after half a season against the guy who is 3 time MVP and career .318 hitter who has hit 40+ HRs. What I am saying is that Adrian Gonzalez is the real deal and should be the next best player after Pujols in this great disccussion. Other guys who are in the talk: Alex Rodriguez is getting older he has lost a step or two at 3B and is not the same player he use to be. He will still get you 30 HR 100 RBI but over the last 2 complete seasons and this current season he is hitting only around .280. Great stats but not the best player in baseball stats.  Jose Reyes is having a tremendous year but still he isn't in that top 3 player spot yet. He is batting .346 so far this yeat with 94 hits and 11 triples this season but the Met's lineup is not strong enough to help Reyes. Even Josh Hamilton who has unbelievable talent will not be repeating as AL MVP this year. he is coming injury and barring an amazing hot streak he will not be there when all is said and done with.

Adrian GonzalezAGon is one of the top 2 players in the game at this moment. Gonzalez has the ability to hit the ball with power to all fields. This makes playing the "Big Papi Shift" all but useless against him. He is happy with stroking a double in the gap as he is with driving the ball to right field. “He has a knack. He understands what he’s got to do. Whether it’s shorten up or try and hit the ball out of the ballpark,’’ manager Terry Francona said. He also has that uncanny ability to work the count on pitchers and stay within his game plan. He doesn't expand the strike zone for the pitcher when he is down in the count and will take the walk when it is given to him. If you saw the the NESN interview by HOF Peter Gammons about all the video break down and preperation he does you see how much of student of the game he is. He is also very quiet at the plate. He isn't like Kevin Youkilis moving his hands all around or changing his batting stance all the time. He stands their with slightly open stance and just takes his time stays back behind the ball/hands inside and smokes the ball all over the

Boston Red Sox Adrian Gonzalez tags out New York Yankees Brett Gardner at Yankee Stadium in New Yorkfield. That's him at the plate quiet and focused, but he is not just a 1b/DH prototype. He is also a 2 time Gold Glove winner who posses a great arm and the confidence in that arm to make good strong accurate throws to 2nd or 3rd to cut down a base runner. In his career he has not made more that 10 errors all year and so far this year the big goose egg. If their is a dent in his armor is that he is so very slow. He is slow running around the bases and in the fieled where he makes the pitcher have to cover 1b a lot. Ask Tim Wakefield about that against the Yankees last series.

Now to my Triple Crown prediction... We all know who the last player to win the triple crown was (If you dont know dont read this blog anymore). Many players have had their names mentioned in the chase for the triple crown... So far 65 games into the season after a dismal start to his season Adrian Gonzalez is Leading the AL in avg. .341 and RBI with 60. His tied for 8th in Hr with 13. He is 8 behind Jose Bautista*.Those are fantastic numbers thus far in the season. Agon is also a great proffesional and understands that getting those RBI are only a result of guys getting on ahead of him n the lineup. An interview on “I’ve been able to hit a couple of solo home runs here or there. But it’s all about the guys ahead of me,’’ Gonzalez said. “RBIs are all about the guys ahead of you. Those guys are doing an incredible job of giving me multiple opportunities every day.’’ 

As Gonzalez see mores of the AL pitchers and makes the adjustments to the Red Sox Gonzalez will only get better. His power numbers were the last to come around and with that Big Green Wall in LF at Fenway and Gonzalez's power to all fields watch out! Like I said before he may not do it this year but Adrian Gonzalez will be the next TRIPLE CROWN WINNER!

*Bautista could be mentioned in this great player argument as well. 1 more season like the passed two and he should be there.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bats, Bats, and more Bats!

So, on the heels of one what one might call one of the most lopsided weeks in baseball recently, I've decided to check in on some of the stats and put together a few little nuggets of interest surround the Sox.
This post will serve as the offensive roundup, pointing out a few bright spots individually, and team wise.
The next post, I'll concentrate on pitching and defense, but for now, lets talk about those big bats the old team is carrying around right now.
Also, a much deserved, and late, kudos to the Sox for whipping the tits off the Yankees last month. I've never read so much garbage on Lohud in my life. These inbreds really feel as if the Sox aren't that much of threat, so below, you'll find just how much of threat this team can be.

-Team Batting Stats
The Red Sox currently rank in the top ten in the following categories in the AL:
-Team Batting average of .276 ranks them first.
-Team OBP% of .349 ranks them first.
-Team SLG% of .450 ranks them first (tie).
-Team OPS% of .799 ranks them first.
-350 runs scored ranks them first.
-2298 at bats ranks them first.
-635 hits rank them first.
-142 doubles rank them first.
-1034 total bases rank them first.
-338 total RBI rank them first.
-77 HR rank them second

Needless to say, they're raking the last month and a half of baseball.

Now, lets focus on some indiviual players that are carrying huge numbers right now for this baseball team.

Adrian Gonzolez:
AG's gaudy .341 batting average ranks him first; his 60 RBI rank him first (also, on pace for 170); his .584 SLG% ranks him fourth; his .977 OPS% ranks him fourth; his .392 OBP ranks him fourth, and his expanded stats put him in the top ten in nearly every single offensive category. Don't even get me started on his defense, which is absolutely insane. This may well serve as the smartest move Theo has ever made in his tenure as the Red Sox GM. Also noted, Anthony Rizzo is absolutely tearing the cover off the ball for the Padres right now; so much for him just being a throw in, huh? You idiot.

David Ortiz
David's year this year is something to marvel at: His batting average of .325 has him ranked 4th; his 43RBI's have him ranked 8th; his SLG% of .624 have him ranked second; his OPS% of 1.019 (insane) have him ranked second; his OBP% of .395 have him ranked fifth. Factor this in with David's habit of really turning it on as the weather gets hotter (see 2007 thur 2010), and we have the makings of an absolute MONSTER contract year for the big fella.

Jacoby Ellsbury
The Complete Player. Right now, Jacoby is ranked 6th in batting average at .318, his .376 OBP% ranks him 11th, his stolen base count of 24 rank him first, and the often underused "havoc on the basepaths" rank him first as well. PS: I made that last stat up.

As a team, the Sox are raking big time right now, with several other players listed within the confines of "top ten" in several of the offensive categories.
In Theo Epsteins tenure, all we've heard is "get on base" and "OBP is the stat to look at, and this year, his collection of talent is proving him right.
For example, in the listed-to-date OBP% statistics, the Red Sox have the following: David Ortiz at 5th, AG at 6th, Kevin Youkilis at 8th, Dustin Pedroia at 10th, and Jacoby Ellsbury at 11th. The first Yankee, Mark Texiera, appears at number 16 on that list. Go figure.

PS: Bartolo Colon is now on the DL. Maybe all the steroi, errr, stem cell stuff is starting to wear off, no?

Pitching is up next!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Red Sox vs Toronto Matchup

Due to some severe weather in CT over the last 24 hours our internet connections and electricity has been off and on. Thus a quick matchup! Hopefully we can add two once we are back to 100%.

The Red Sox and Brad are coming off a sweep of yes the NYY! Congrats to both of them! While we should be excited about being 2 games up the next two series are equally as important. We start with 3 games against Toronto and end with Tampa!

Clay Buchholz (4-3, 3.82) vs.  Jo-Jo Reyes (2-4, 4.16)
Predictions: Randy picks: Red Sox Lose   Brad Picks: Red Sox win
Watch out for Bucchholz he hasn't pitched since June 3 due to back stiffness and was pushed out of the Yankee series. He has struggled over his last 2 starts. The offense is clicking and love what Big Papi is doing. Pedroia's knee is just bruised and is in the lineup tonight!

John Lackey (3-5, 7.60) vs. Brandon Morrow (2-3, 4.50)
Randy: Red Sox Win   Brad: Red Sox Win
Lackey pitched well in his first start back last Sunday! However, he has said that his elbow will be in a problem all season, this definitely something to keep you eye on. Morrow has talent I think he threw a 1 hitter or a had a big strike out game last season.

Jon Lester (8-2, 3.98) vs. Kyle Drabek (4-4, 4.98)
Randy: Red Sox win   Brad: Red Sox Win
Lester was God awful against the Yankees. He need to rely more on his fast ball and throw it for strikes. His cutter right now is so bad it showed while he Texiara and Martin the knee!
Drabek started the season well but has struggled. He is young and has talent.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Red Sox vs. Yankees Matchup

The Red Sox and Yankees face each other again this week. Last time in Fenway the Red Sox swept the Yankees to close the gap in the standings. The Red Sox are currently 1 game behind the Yanks in the AL East. If a healthy Ace Jon Lester decides to show up in the Bronx the Red Sox have a shot of taking 2 of 3 or sweeping the Yankees.

Jon Lester (7-2, 3.94) vs.  Freddy Garcia (4-4, 3.34)
Prediction: Randy Picks: Red sox Win  Brad Picks: Sox Win
The Good: On paper this game looks like it should be a big giant Win for the Red Sox. However, as all good sox fans know Lester has really been struggling over his last 5 or 6 starts. His ERA has been climbing and he has become too reliant on his devastating cutter. This all sounds bad right? Wrong the Red Sox offense has given him 9.2 runs per game on avg. Now we know that is never going to hold up all year or even this game, but the Red Sox offense has really picked up the pace!
The Bad: Seed the good. Lester may not need to be dominant, but he better not give up much more than 3 runs tonight or it will be trouble!

Tim Wakefield (2-1, 4.40) vs.  A.J. Burnett (6-3, 3.86)
Predictions: Randy Picks: Red Sox Lose     Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
The Good: Time Wakefield has looked like he is a 30 something pitcher this year. He has really stepped up in the absences of Dice-k and Lackey. The biggest question mark is how long will he be able to keep this up? Big Papi is coming off of AL Player of the week honors and has a 6 game hit streak coming into the series. Papi has been a great surprise so far this year!
The Bad: Aj Burnett has pitched rather well this year for the Yankees he may be due for a gem against the Sox. Then we go back to the question How will Wake be able to keep this stretch of good start after good start going like he has thus far?

*Josh Beckett (4-2, 2.01) vs. CC Sabathia (7-3, 2.80),
Predictions: Randy Picks Red Sox Win     Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
The Good: Here we go!!! The rubber match for these SP's this season. Beckett has been arguably the best pitcher in baseball this season. He should have 3 or 4 more wins but the offense and bullpen will not hold a lead for this guy. Crawford has only 2 hits in 27 at bats this year against the is that good its not but Crawford is turning it around with his clutch game winning hits and first HR at Fenway park this past Sunday as a memeber of the red sox as examples. We are finally starting to see Carl Crawford at his best getting hitting balls in the gaps and on base  ! Also the good **Jeter is 14 hits away from 3000 for his career barring an amazing hot streak he will not get it against the Red Sox this series.
The Bad: While Beckett has been the best pitcher this year CC Sabathia is right there with him. With a 2.80 ERA for team that can score runs like the Yankees thats a tough combination. Watch out for Texiara and swisher this series they are really swinging the bat well.

* I will not being doing my jinx pick on Beckett this series. He has been pitching great but the offense isn't helping him. Welcome back Josh i am officially on the bandwagon!

** Anybody else find it crazy that no other NYY has 3000 hits. With all the great ones they have had it boggles my mind. Though one explanation is a bunch of those greats were in WWII for several seasons.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Who will the Red Sox draft tonight? 4 picks in the first 40! I Want a stud pitcher and OF! Our farm system took a hit with the trade for adrian gonzalez! This years draft might be the last time red sox can take advantage of over paying slot reccomedations! LETS GO THEO!

The Red Sox have the 19th pick tonight! I would like Barnes from uconn or one of the Bradleys!

Matt Barnes, rhp

Barnes was an under-the-radar prospect and went undrafted coming out of high school in Connecticut, but after three years at UConn he has firmly established himself as a first-round talent. Barnes shined last summer, ranking as the Cape Cod League's No. 3 prospect during a stint with Wareham and going 3-0, 1.42 with 26 strikeouts in 19 innings for Team USA. Barnes added 6-8 mph on his fastball before his sophomore year, jumping his velocity to its current 92-96 mph range and 98 peak, which he holds deep into games. He has a loose arm and minimal effort in his delivery. Barnes gets good armside run on his two-seamer, and he also throws a cutter. He throws a sharp-breaking curveball that's plus at times and an average mid-80s changeup. Barnes is at his best when he eliminates his slider from his repertoire. His secondary stuff, along with his command and mechanics, need work, as he tends to alter his release point and miss high in the zone. Scouts love Barnes' 6-foot-4, 205-pound frame, and they still think he could add about 20 pounds

Via Baseball America

Friday, June 3, 2011

Expect The Worst.

One of my biggest issues with this Red Sox team, to date, is the manner in which they seem to play down to their competition. The Athletics are a good team, but nowhere near the level of talent is taking the field on a daily basis than this current Red Sox team. They A's just laid down and died in the Bronx, so I especially feel bad about this series - The Red Sox also laid down for the Chicago White Sox, so something has to give, right? Someone has to win, so lets see who steps up and plays not worse than the other team. So, let's make some pics and see if I can get one step closer to that free steak dinner Randy is gonna buy me.

Tonight's Game
Clay Buchholz [4-3, 3.41] verus Josh Outman [1-0, 2.08]
Brad Picks: Red Sox Win - Randy Picks: Red Sox Win.

The Good:
-Buchholz continues to look good and turn in quality starts for the Sox. The Sox offense seems to sputter with him on the bump, but he's clearly doing his job. Opponents to date are hitting .250 against him, and luckily for him, the A's are not a hitting team. His opponent, Outman, walked five last time out, and while he seems to have command problems, he does limit the damage done.
The Bad
- The Sox are infamous for not hitting guys they aren't used to seeing, especially junk ballers. Outman is coming off Tommy John surgery, so most of the guys haven't seen him.
Keys To The Game
-Stay patient, work the count, and keep the train moving. The Sox gave away the Gavin Floyd game against the CWS because after a terrible rough outing, he had 14 first pitch outs.

Tomorrow's Game
Josh Beckett [4-2, 1.80] versus Trevor Cahill [6-3, 2.31]
Brad Picks: Red Sox Win - Randy Picks: Red Sox Lose
The Good:
-Josh Beckett. Beckett was the hard-luck loser against Verlander last time out, but continues to put exclamation points on his rebound season. He's still posting a sub-2era, and dispite his last start, is controlling his walks. I actually think Beckett's last start was his best. It was clear from the get-go that he was having problems with his breaking pitches, and couldn't control them and the Tigers caught on quick. He gave the Sox every opportunity to win the game in the face of tossing fastballs 89% of the game.
The Bad:
Trevor Cahill has been extrodinary this year, though faltering lately. He had a rocky first few innings agains NY last time out, but settled in for nearly seven. He's a strong kid, who knows how to keep the batter off balance.
Keys To the Game
-Dustin Pedroia, who hits Cahill well in limited at bats. Also, Josh Beckett CANNOT pitch to Hideki Matsui, who's taken him deep on countless occasions.
PS: This game starts at 1:00pm due to the Hockey Game. Ugh.

Sunday's Game
John Lackey [2-5, 8.01] versus Brett Anderson [3-5, 3.68]
Brad Picks: Red Sox Lose - Randy Picks: Red Sox Win
The Good:
-John Lackey is well rested, and might just spin a gem coming off his little vacation to deal with his family iss, errr, sore elbow. He also might get bombed. Who knows? But, the Sox will also be facing Brett Anderson, who they have pounded before, so they might just pull one off.
The Bad:
- See "The Good"
Keys to the Game:
Like always, Lackey has to get the corners and have something of a fastball to mix in, and the Sox can't let Anderson off the hook when he makes mistakes.

Lets get this train turned around!!

Edit: Randy is still picking Beckett to lose, even though he brought the bad mojo last time with his reverse jinx.

Another one bites the dust...

Yep. Tommy John.
First Matsuzaka, and Now Rich Hill.

See you in 2013.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back At It! Portland Sea Dogs!

Took a little break from the red sox and blogging over the long weekend! Hope everybody enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend! I know I did. Drinking and eating is a lot of fun!  Thanks to a rain out and ESPN doing their best MLB on Fox impersonation I wasn't able to watch nearly as much baseball as I wanted to. However, that changed a little bit yesterday as I went to a double header of the Portland Sea Dogs in New Britain, CT. Now first off if you love baseball go to Minor League Baseball games at any level its great baseball and really fun especially at New Britain Stadium home of the New Britain Rock Cats the AA team of the Twins.

I was lucky to be able to see Chris Balcolm-Miller the RHP in his first AA game (we received him in return for Manny Delcarmen in the Colorado Rockies deal Balcolm-Miller was recently promoted from High A ball in Salem. The RHP was throwing his fastball 90 -92 with ok control though he fell behind some hitters early on. He also got a lot of swings and misses from his changeup which was sitting about 81-82 all evening. There was not a lot of contact by the Rock Cats on Balcolm-Miller. The biggest reason outside of his changing of speeds is that he hides the ball in a strange wide up. The ball goes down behind his back and he slings it up there. very deceptive and will probably get guys out at most levels as long as he can consistently make the same motion everytime.

I was disappointed in that I did not see Will MiddleBrooks the 3B who has a great start to his season, he has a jammed finger.

Do not hold your breaths on Catchers Lavernway and Federowitz they are no where near ready. Both guys showed little pop in their bats and very long swings. They called good games but were not anything special.

Also newly promoted Jermey Hazelbaker is one fast guy, darting around CF and on the base paths. While you cant teach speed he needs to a better job of reading pitchers. He was CS in the 1st inning of the 2nd game by a pea from the Rock Cats catcher he had no jump what so ever. The rest of the team were a bunch of flame out guys who are probably never going to get much passed AA.

I know it was only 2 games but i was not impressed with the Sea Dogs. Major issue for the Red Sox organization is not a lot of potential talent at the AA level right now!

If you see any Minor League Sox games let us know and you can post your first hand experiences here on 3 Up! 3 Down!

Monday, May 30, 2011

5/30/11 - 6/1/11 White Sox vs Red Sox

I made my come back and ready to take over first place just like the Red Sox!
Quick post and back to the long weekend! Every weekend should be a 3 day weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying it!

Jake Peavy (1-0, 3.00) vs. Jon Lester (7-1, 3.36)
Predictions:   Randy: Red Sox Win       Brad:red sox win

 Gavin Floyd (5-4, 3.61) vs. Alfredo Aceves (2-0, 2.22)
Predictions: Randy Red Sox win   Brad: red sox win

Phil Humber (3-3, 2.85) vs. Tim Wakefield (2-1, 4.14)
Predictions:    Randy:  Red Sox lose   Brad: red sox lose