Monday, July 25, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer: Royals vs. Red Sox

Not even this could get me excited for this series!

Both Brad and I predicted the sweep against the M's. The M's had the better pitching matchup, but their offense is awful. Now the Sox face the Royals, and it is officaly that time of year where the Red Sox play awful teams and I get bored. Hopefully they can take 3 out of 4 and move on to the next series against the White Sox. Here is the Matchup...

Jon Lester (10-4, 3.31) vs. RHP Kyle Davies (1-9, 7.32)
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win    Brad Picks: Red Sox win

The Good: Lester is back after a quick stint on the DL due to his lat injury. He should be poised to dominate again. This type of injury can nag players through out the year, but lets hope it was only minor.  All indications are that he is healthy and should be the #2 pitcher behind Beckett. Pedroia is on a 21 game hit streak. Carl Crawford is batting .375 since coming off the DL.
The Bad: For this entire series their isnt much Bad stuff to talk about. As a fan I can be bored, but as a player you have to grind these series out, win them, and move on. As long as the Red Sox pay attention they should be fine.

Andrew Miller (4-1, 4.65) vs. LHP Danny Duffy (2-4, 4.58)
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win   Brad Picks: Red Sox win

The Good: Miller pitched well last game not giving up a hit till the 5th inning. As long as he throws strikes he should be fine against the young lineup of the Royals. With Pedroia, Gonzo, Ellsbury and Youk playing well it is a tough call regarding who will be the leader of the offense in this game/series.
The Bad: Not much just grind these games out and dont kill your bullpen

John Lackey (8-8, 6.28) vs. LHP Bruce Chen (5-3, 3.30)
Randy Picks: Red Sox Lose      Brad Picks: Red Sox Win

The Good: Lackey out pitched King Felix last game and while the M's offense is suspect Lackey looked good. Hopefully Lackey can keep up his solid outings and get above .500 for the season.
The Bad: Not much again. Chen is a veteran pitcher and has pretty good season numbers. With the veteran on the mound and the difficulty of sweeping a 4 game series, I think the Sox drop this one.

Josh Beckett (9-3, 2.07) vs. RHP Luke Hochevar (6-8, 5.29)
Randy Picks: Sox Win     Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
The Good: Beckett has allowed 3 or fewer runs in 15 of 17 games he has pitched. He is the man right now and should get the win again. Oh yeah thank god the series is over after this game.
The Bad: None! The Red Sox better win this game or it could come back to haunt them in Sept.


  1. I really just want to see Lester pitch- make sure he's still sharp. If he does well tonight, then there's no stopping us... for now at least. The first inning is going to make me nervous.

  2. I think it is great how the Red Sox have brought up Miller and Weiland and have matched them up with parts of their schedule where they will have the most sucess. Miller: Houston and Weiland: Orioles. I think they are doing the same thing with Lester. They are letting him face a weak lineup in order to build his confidence andshow him that the injury wont bother him. Look for Clay to have the same thing! Hey TooSoxy thanks for being the first person to Comment on our blog! Welcome!

  3. Lester looked fine! That is such a good sign for the Red Sox. 1 or 2 more starts like that and Lester will be back to the Ace type pitcher we need. Now Did the Red Sox pay attention last night? Hello Mr. Scutaro! Did the Red Sox not blow their bullpen? 14 innings and Lester only pitched 5 1/3. Come on guys its the Royals get some hits please!

  4. Ugh 2-2 is a bad job by the red sox. You can't lose two games to the Royals. JD with shoulder issues, Clay with possibly a more serius back injury, Crawford out with Left elbow strain... we need to get another OF. We cannot run Sutton, Reddick,Mcdonald, and Navvarro out their like this and expect to win. ugh