Friday, July 22, 2011

Matchup Seattle vs Boston

Tough Pitching Matchup for Sox!

Here we go back at it again! Randy is down 2 games in our head to head matchup so let's get it on! This could be the series to make me or break me in Matchup battle. Let's Go Sox!

Felix Hernandez (8-8, 3.26) vs.  John Lackey (7-8, 6.70)
Randy Picks: Sox win                    Brad Picks: Sox win
The Good: John Lackey has thrown better of late and will need a solid outing for the Red Sox to be able to pull out a win against  the reining Cy Young winner and arguably the best pitcher in the game. Will JD Drew start this game. He has solid numbers against the Hernandez and their are only a few that do. This maybe Drews last chance look for him to get the start and show he has something left. The M's have lost 12 straight. The Red Sox have won 10 of 12. Lackey has given up 3 runs in his last 13.1 and struck 14 in that same time.
The Bad: Hernandez is the man and the sox are throwing Lackey.King Felix is 3-0 on road at Fenway vs Sox with ERA of 1.49 via @alexspeier. Not much else to say total  mismatch on paper!

Blake Beavan (1-1, 2.70) vs. Josh Beckett (8-3, 2.12)
Randy Picks:  Sox Win                        Brad Picks: Sox win
The Good: Who in the world is Blake Beaven? We have Beckett on the mound who has been dominate! Total mismatch on paper this time for the sox!
The Bad: The Sox always do poorly against pitchers they have never faced before. Watch out!

Michael Pineda (8-6, 3.24) vs. Tim Wakefield (5-3, 4.80)
Randy Picks:   Sox Win                        Brad Picks: Sox Win
The Good:  We have Tim Wakefield on the mound and teams struggle against the knuckleball if they do not see it a lot and when Tim is on! The M's Offense is atrocious with bust Figgins leading the way. Don't Let Figgins on though cause he will run circles around the knuckleball.
The Bad: Pineda is one of the great young pitchers in the game. Some scouts believe he is better then King Felix but only time will tell. This is the game of the series if the Sox win they should take the series. Watch Out  with these pitchers the M's have going anything from a sweep to a loss of 2 out of 3 is possible.

Great and then Brad picks sweep too...God I hate him sometimes. Right now it looks like I will be the only one updating the blog since Brads fine work blocked him from accessing it! Don't they know how important the Sox are! We will figure it out!


  1. JD Drew not in lineup against Hernandex..shocking! He has good numbers against him! Its Reddick's job to lose. - Randy

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