Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

John Lackey (5-7)  vs. B. Morrow (4-4)
Randy Picks: Red Sox Loss    Brad Picks: Red Sox Win
The Good: Lackey pitched a great game against the Phillies but took the 
The Bad: Morrow struck out 10 in a 7 IP performance against the Pirates.
 Could he be the 10th pitcher to strike out 10 or more against the red sox? 
Norris was 9th

John Lester (10-4)  vs.  B. Cecil  (1-3)
Randy Picks: Red Sox Win   Brad Picks: Red Sox win
The Good: Lester pitched a great game against the Phillies and got the win. 
However, he has struggled previously
The Bad: I think Lester's win loss record shows 2 things: 
1) it is not a good barometer of how good a pitcher is Lester has struggled 
and still has amassed 10 wins 
2) which should go under the good, the red sox have a tremendous offense.

Tim Wakefield  (4-3)  vs R. Romero (7-7)
Randy Picks: Red Sox win    Brad picks: Red Sox Loss
The Good: hmmm its the blue jays?
The Bad: Tim Wakefield got smoked against the Astros. Yes the Astros. 
Lets hope Bucch is back soon after the All-star break
Romero has gone 7 innings or more in his last 9 starts. damn thats pretty 

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