Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mr. Baseball: Derek Jeter too Tired for '11 All-Star Game

  • Derek Jeter's bat looks slow on Friday night against the Blue Jays' Octavio Dotel. >
Listen yeah I am a Red Sox fan and yes I HATE Derek Jeter, but I am also a fan of baseball and pride myself in being able to look at the game of Baseball with out wearing a Red Sox hat all the time.

Derek Jeter does not have the talent of other players like A-Rod or even Nomar. Im sure we all had the same debate over about who is better many times. While Jeter doesn't have all the tools of a super star players like A-Rod, he does bring intangibles, and respect of the game, and doing things the right way to his teams. We have heard all of the cliches before and they all probably fit him perfectly. However, during this chase for 3000 hits, which he battled through "injury" and tireless media interviews, Jeter made a terrible mistake that should follow him through out the rest of his career. Days after reaching his great accomplishment, further intrenching himself in Yankee and MLB immortality Jeter skipped out on the fans game, and won't attend the 2011 All-Star game in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jeter was voted in as a starter to this year's All-Star Game and while he has not had an All-Star type year, .270 avg .330 ops, 24 RBI, 78 H, he was voted in by the #1 group of people that every player/team should bow down in front of... the die hard, passionate, fanatical fans of baseball. All we want is to have the chance to see Jeter play a game, or be on the field during the pregame ceremony. We want to be entertained for a few days and see some of the best players of their generation together on 1 field at 1 time, and to say I was there. We wanted to say I saw the Great Derek jeter cheering on his teamate Cano during the HR Derby. But, alas No. Jeter is tired.

Jeter owes it to the players past, present, and future. Can you believe no other NYY had 3000 Hits.  The greats of DiMaggio, Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig, Berra, Williams, Brosius, O'Neil...whoa whoa sorry got a little carried away with the NYY greats... all kidding aside many Baseball and Yankee greats never reached 3000 hits. Jeter needs to show his thanks to these great past players. He needs to let greats of baseball past, who never reached that mark rub shoulders with him and let them hear more of his story. Together with the past players, current all stars, and fans of baseball need to celebrate this amazing feat that so many other have not been able to ascertain.  In addition he owes it to the players now who may be at the All-Star game the for the first time and maybe their only time (David Robertson) and let them enjoy their moment with the only NYY to reach 3000 hits. He also owes it to the players who have yet to come. Derek Jeter is and  will always will be a role model to players coming through the system. He keeps his life on and off the field out of the lime light and does everything the "right way". We need more players like Jeter who understand that partying and having fun is fine, but that we don't need to see a mug shot on SporsCenter or scathing pictures of players with Coeds in their dorm rooms all over the internet. What example is he showing the guys like Harper, Strasburg, Randaundo? That iti is ok to to set records and be exemplary, but you don't have responsibilities to the game!

Now people will say that he doesn't owe anything to the game anymore, or that he has earned the right not to to go to the All-Star game. That at age 37 and 17 years in MLB that he has done everything in his career the right way and he needs a break! He is tired. His calf is sore. He can't travel all over the country and that the NYY's and winning comes first!

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! If Manny Being Manny did this in 2006 we would have tarred and feathered him!

Jeter owes everything he has to the game of Baseball! He owes everything to the fans that want to enjoy their once in a life time experience at the 2011 All-Star Game! You signed a couple baseballs and did a few interviews, and you think you have honored the Past, Present, Future? You think you have honored The Game?

Think again Mr. Baseball! You need to be  more like Reyes, Victorino, Polanco, and Braun! Tip your cap, sign some more autographs, take some more pictures, and let MLB have another mind blowing ceremony in your honor. Then do the right thing and thank the millions of BASEBALL fans past, present, and around the world that got you to where you are today!

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