Monday, June 13, 2011

Bats, Bats, and more Bats!

So, on the heels of one what one might call one of the most lopsided weeks in baseball recently, I've decided to check in on some of the stats and put together a few little nuggets of interest surround the Sox.
This post will serve as the offensive roundup, pointing out a few bright spots individually, and team wise.
The next post, I'll concentrate on pitching and defense, but for now, lets talk about those big bats the old team is carrying around right now.
Also, a much deserved, and late, kudos to the Sox for whipping the tits off the Yankees last month. I've never read so much garbage on Lohud in my life. These inbreds really feel as if the Sox aren't that much of threat, so below, you'll find just how much of threat this team can be.

-Team Batting Stats
The Red Sox currently rank in the top ten in the following categories in the AL:
-Team Batting average of .276 ranks them first.
-Team OBP% of .349 ranks them first.
-Team SLG% of .450 ranks them first (tie).
-Team OPS% of .799 ranks them first.
-350 runs scored ranks them first.
-2298 at bats ranks them first.
-635 hits rank them first.
-142 doubles rank them first.
-1034 total bases rank them first.
-338 total RBI rank them first.
-77 HR rank them second

Needless to say, they're raking the last month and a half of baseball.

Now, lets focus on some indiviual players that are carrying huge numbers right now for this baseball team.

Adrian Gonzolez:
AG's gaudy .341 batting average ranks him first; his 60 RBI rank him first (also, on pace for 170); his .584 SLG% ranks him fourth; his .977 OPS% ranks him fourth; his .392 OBP ranks him fourth, and his expanded stats put him in the top ten in nearly every single offensive category. Don't even get me started on his defense, which is absolutely insane. This may well serve as the smartest move Theo has ever made in his tenure as the Red Sox GM. Also noted, Anthony Rizzo is absolutely tearing the cover off the ball for the Padres right now; so much for him just being a throw in, huh? You idiot.

David Ortiz
David's year this year is something to marvel at: His batting average of .325 has him ranked 4th; his 43RBI's have him ranked 8th; his SLG% of .624 have him ranked second; his OPS% of 1.019 (insane) have him ranked second; his OBP% of .395 have him ranked fifth. Factor this in with David's habit of really turning it on as the weather gets hotter (see 2007 thur 2010), and we have the makings of an absolute MONSTER contract year for the big fella.

Jacoby Ellsbury
The Complete Player. Right now, Jacoby is ranked 6th in batting average at .318, his .376 OBP% ranks him 11th, his stolen base count of 24 rank him first, and the often underused "havoc on the basepaths" rank him first as well. PS: I made that last stat up.

As a team, the Sox are raking big time right now, with several other players listed within the confines of "top ten" in several of the offensive categories.
In Theo Epsteins tenure, all we've heard is "get on base" and "OBP is the stat to look at, and this year, his collection of talent is proving him right.
For example, in the listed-to-date OBP% statistics, the Red Sox have the following: David Ortiz at 5th, AG at 6th, Kevin Youkilis at 8th, Dustin Pedroia at 10th, and Jacoby Ellsbury at 11th. The first Yankee, Mark Texiera, appears at number 16 on that list. Go figure.

PS: Bartolo Colon is now on the DL. Maybe all the steroi, errr, stem cell stuff is starting to wear off, no?

Pitching is up next!!

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