Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sox versus Rays.

So, after a much deserved day off, the old team gets right back on the horse tonight with the first game of a three-game set versus those pesky Rays. Both teams have had their moments this year to date, and right now, it's the Sox who are on the tear.
Hopefully, Randy and myself didn't put the reverse mojo on the Sox after posting about all these offensive treasures Boston is in possession of.
So, lets break it down:

Tonight's Matchup:

Tim Wakefield [3-1, 4.84era] versus James Shields [5-4, 2.85era]
Brad Picks: Sox Win - Randy Picks: Sox Win
The Good:
-Tim Wakefield has pitched well in his role to date this year.
-This offense is on a tear like few have ever seen the last ten games.
-Wakefield has some decent numbers against some of the Rays, but not many.
-Sheilds is privy to being beaten by the Sox, so lets hope that keeps going!
The Bad:
-James Shields has pitched very well this year
-The Red Sox are due for a let down
-Tim Wakefield.

My picks for standout performances this game fall right on Ortiz, who has punished the ball the past 15 games. Put guys on, he'll bring them home for you.

Tomorrow's Matchup:

Josh Beckett [5-2. 2.06era] verus Jeremy Hellickson [7-4, 3.03era]
Brad Picks: Sox Win - Randy Picks: Sox Win
The Good:
-Josh Beckett and his awesome year to date.
-The Sox Bats.
The Bad:
-Jeremy Hellickson, and his awesome year to date.
This game has a 12-9 score written all over it. Rarely do these matchups pan out.

My picks for standout performances are Josh Beckett and Papelbon.

Thursday's Matchup:
Clay Buchholz [5-3, 3.59era] versus David Price [7-5, 3.51]
Brad Picks: Red Sox Win - Randy Picks: Sox Lose
The Good:
-Not a lot here. The Sox don't have great numbers against Price, so really, we're just hoping he has an off day on Thursday, or the Sox bats keep it going the way they have.
-Clay has pitched servicably lately, and could easily shut down this Ray's offense.
The Bad:
-David Price

My call for standout is going to be Pedroia, Salty, Cameron (who will play) and Youkilis. They have to take advantage of the left, because he's just so tough on other lefties.

These three games are a tough call. It's tough to pick games with good pitching matchups on paper, because like I said, they rarely work out to be gems. I'm going to have to go with the hotter of the offense, and pick the Sox to hold down the Rays and sweep yet again on the backs of the offense.

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