Friday, June 3, 2011

Expect The Worst.

One of my biggest issues with this Red Sox team, to date, is the manner in which they seem to play down to their competition. The Athletics are a good team, but nowhere near the level of talent is taking the field on a daily basis than this current Red Sox team. They A's just laid down and died in the Bronx, so I especially feel bad about this series - The Red Sox also laid down for the Chicago White Sox, so something has to give, right? Someone has to win, so lets see who steps up and plays not worse than the other team. So, let's make some pics and see if I can get one step closer to that free steak dinner Randy is gonna buy me.

Tonight's Game
Clay Buchholz [4-3, 3.41] verus Josh Outman [1-0, 2.08]
Brad Picks: Red Sox Win - Randy Picks: Red Sox Win.

The Good:
-Buchholz continues to look good and turn in quality starts for the Sox. The Sox offense seems to sputter with him on the bump, but he's clearly doing his job. Opponents to date are hitting .250 against him, and luckily for him, the A's are not a hitting team. His opponent, Outman, walked five last time out, and while he seems to have command problems, he does limit the damage done.
The Bad
- The Sox are infamous for not hitting guys they aren't used to seeing, especially junk ballers. Outman is coming off Tommy John surgery, so most of the guys haven't seen him.
Keys To The Game
-Stay patient, work the count, and keep the train moving. The Sox gave away the Gavin Floyd game against the CWS because after a terrible rough outing, he had 14 first pitch outs.

Tomorrow's Game
Josh Beckett [4-2, 1.80] versus Trevor Cahill [6-3, 2.31]
Brad Picks: Red Sox Win - Randy Picks: Red Sox Lose
The Good:
-Josh Beckett. Beckett was the hard-luck loser against Verlander last time out, but continues to put exclamation points on his rebound season. He's still posting a sub-2era, and dispite his last start, is controlling his walks. I actually think Beckett's last start was his best. It was clear from the get-go that he was having problems with his breaking pitches, and couldn't control them and the Tigers caught on quick. He gave the Sox every opportunity to win the game in the face of tossing fastballs 89% of the game.
The Bad:
Trevor Cahill has been extrodinary this year, though faltering lately. He had a rocky first few innings agains NY last time out, but settled in for nearly seven. He's a strong kid, who knows how to keep the batter off balance.
Keys To the Game
-Dustin Pedroia, who hits Cahill well in limited at bats. Also, Josh Beckett CANNOT pitch to Hideki Matsui, who's taken him deep on countless occasions.
PS: This game starts at 1:00pm due to the Hockey Game. Ugh.

Sunday's Game
John Lackey [2-5, 8.01] versus Brett Anderson [3-5, 3.68]
Brad Picks: Red Sox Lose - Randy Picks: Red Sox Win
The Good:
-John Lackey is well rested, and might just spin a gem coming off his little vacation to deal with his family iss, errr, sore elbow. He also might get bombed. Who knows? But, the Sox will also be facing Brett Anderson, who they have pounded before, so they might just pull one off.
The Bad:
- See "The Good"
Keys to the Game:
Like always, Lackey has to get the corners and have something of a fastball to mix in, and the Sox can't let Anderson off the hook when he makes mistakes.

Lets get this train turned around!!

Edit: Randy is still picking Beckett to lose, even though he brought the bad mojo last time with his reverse jinx.

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