Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bard in and the Red Sox in a tailspin

Well I hate to gloat especially when it comes to the Red Sox losing, but I called Bard and his troubles locating his fastball. Bard says it is mechanical issues and this is something he has battled before. Bard has set the bar so high it is tough to keep up what he has been doing at that level the entire year. he has made it look easy thus far. This is the most important spot of Bard's young career and maybe for his entire career. If he wants to be the Closer in the future he must be able figure out these mechanical issues real fast. If he is closing games out and he has 3 awful outings in a row (it hasn't just been the last 3 outings he has struggled in. His ERA is over 7 since July 31.) he better be able to work through these issues and get back into his groove or fans will really be on him and not stop. See Papelbon. So for the Red Sox and young Mr. Bard this 4 game series against Tamp Bay will either let the Red Sox have a strangle hold on the Wild Card, set them up for 1 final push at the division, or will they be sailing off into the sunset and warmer climates. Lets hope we have some October baseball to cheer about soon.

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