Friday, May 27, 2011

That's Right Dustin The Sox are in 1st Place!

Like Tito Francona discussed after yesterday afternoons drubbing of the Tigers as long as the red sox are playing better baseball where you are in the standings doesnt really matter. However, who doesnt like to be in 1st place? Yes I know we are tied with father times team, but from where we were just a month or so ago and the start we had to the season who isn't happy!

Now some of us know which one of us wanted whole sale changes to this team in April! We also know one of us was concerned, but had great confidence in this team in that they would right the ship! That guy maybe losing in the head to head picking of games here on 3 Up! 3 Down, but much like the Red Sox I will make a run and I will prevail!

Let's keep it going!

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