Monday, May 16, 2011

Hamburgers Every Yankee Night?

Yeah, my wife rolled her eyes at me as well. But, here's the thing, I like when something works. Friday, I wanted hamburgers on the grill, a few nice beverages, and a relaxing night with my television. Everything clicked. Buchholz was dominant like we've become used too at times, and the offense put it together against Father Time, Bartolo Colon.Saturday featured a newfound (or is it oldfound?) Josh Beckett simply mowing guys down at will. The huge difference, as both Randy and myself have talked about a million times, is that changeup he's throwing to lefties that drops off the map as it reaches the plate. He was in complete control right up until he left the game. I have a feeling that a couple of his walks were of the intentional sort to get to guys like Swisher and others who were just overmatched. Why pitch to guys like ARod and Cano when you can pitch to Swisher and Posada? Also, Mr. Beckett is currently the owner of a 1.75ERA and sub 1.0whip. The guy is dealing, and gets to go home to this every night. Clearly, my hero lately.
Sunday was key for me. Lester, having gotten his ass handed to him in Toronto, needed to come out firing and he didn't. I have no excuse for a a guy like Lester giving up bombs to a guy like Granderson, so I was happy to see him keep it steady and get his legs underneath him after Youk tied it up for him.
A few other notes from this weekend:
-Bard has to learn how to control himself in those situations. I realize it's a lot of pressure, but he's too talented to let the moment get to him. If he throws that fastball at 97mph instead of 99, and can control it, it's much more deadly when he drops the slider..
-I love me some Joba Chamberlain. Period.
-I also love me some Nomar Garcia, err, Jorge Posada.
-AGon is the best pure hitter in the league, and reminds me of a young Manny who just couldn't be put away. That first at bat against CC was nothing more than a set up for the next one. Francona said that Agon told him he was going to open up early on that high fastball if he tried it again, and two pitches later, the ball was in the stands. That's unbelievable to me: a guy telling his manager "I'm going to change my swing on this pitch" is unheard of.

My favorite quote of the week, well two actually:
Orel: "Joba's off season workout program has really helped his velocity"
Valentine: "Yeah, he's on the Tim Linscecum program: two double chesseburgers and fries every day"

Or: The ban of uppers really hurts a team like NY, who all look so old and slow.

PS: Another little nugget to chew on from Cotts:
Next year the Red Sox, shed the [major] contracts of JD Drew, David Ortiz, Papelbon, Cameron, and Marco Scutaro. They're on the hook, right now, for roughly 120M.
The Yankees shed the [major] contracts of Jorge Posada.
They're on the hook for, wait for it, right around 150M, assuming CC opts out, which isn't going to happen. Look for him to be paid more next year after he reworks his deal to stay in NY. Well played, Yankees. The future is bright.

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  1. Brad, I forgot to mention this yesterday but you are dead on with regards to Josh beckett's changeup! This is the best change up i have ever seen him throw. You have seened this season the emergence of Josh Beckett the pitcher vs. Josh Beckett the thrower!