Friday, May 13, 2011

Matchup 5/13/11 - 5/15/11 Red Sox vs. Yankees

5/13/11  Clay Buchholz 3-3, 4.19 vs. Bartolo Colon 2-1, 3.86   Prediction: Randy- Sox Win   Brad: Sox Win!
  - This game is the key for the red sox. If they win they have a shot at taking 2 or possibly sweeping
  -  I've seen Clay pitch 2 times this year. First game was against the yankees at the Fens and he was God awful. However, he has started to turn it around recently and showed a lot of stones by coming back from a long rain delay to pitch as good as he has in his career.

5/14/11 Josh Beckett 2-1, 1.99 vs.  CC Sabathia 3-2, 2.89    Prediction: Randy: Sox Lose     Brad: Sox Win
- Josh Beckett has been a savior for this team. He pitched a gem agaainst yankees last series. Can he do it again?

5/15/11  Jon Lester 4-1, 2.96 vs. RHP Freddy Garcia 2-2, 2.61    Prediction: Randy Sox Win   Brad: Sox win
- Sox have a decidedly SP match up. Lester is the ace of this team
- Lester is coming off an awful game where he apologized to his teammates and fans on his twitter account @Jlester31
- It is early for must win games but this is close to one. If they lose this game fans may start lining up on bridges all over New England

Note: Over Last 10 years, Series Record 87-83 Yanks. That is crazy how close these series are and be prepared for a 4 hour a game!


  1. Brad- Game 2 why do you think the Sox pull this one out? (I hope you are right)

  2. I will give a great bit of credit to Brad and Josh Beckett last night! What a great win and call. The sox need a big performance from Mr. Lester tonight and get this team to .500 something that has been elusive for this team!!

  3. Great Job by the Red Sox offense to pull out the sweep agasint the aging men in the Bronx! I went 2-1 this series. Great job by Brad for predicting the Sweep! Welcome to .500 Sox fans! On to the next!