Sunday, May 22, 2011



I just want to mention how much I HATE FOX SPORTS. We can go on and on about Fox News and all that garbage but the MLB on Fox has to be the worst programming on Earth! Yesterday all I wanted to do was go to my local drinking establishment, Sullivan's on Chapel St in New Haven, CT, and enjoy watching the Red Sox. However, when I went in the stupid Bernie Maddoff team that nobody cares about were playing father time's team. Now if anybody knows Dean at Sullivan's these games are not allowed on his televisions. He told me that the Subway Series was chosen by MLB on Fox to be shown instead of the Red Sox vs. Cubs! I cannot stand not being able to watch my team on TV because some shmo in a suit wont let me. This is Major League Baseball not the NHL where they put conference finals on station nobody gets (Versus is a close 2nd to Fox). I hope whoever made the decision to not show the Red Sox on MLB on Fox goes home and finds his or her significant other in bed with another person and finds out they have gonorrhea!

P.S. these guys too

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