Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Return of a Madman.

Enough Said.
Now, Score some damn runs and stop wasting his starts. He should have 4 more wins than he does now, having only allowed six runs in those four starts, and only being shortened by mother nature in the fifth.

Honestly. Welcome back, Mr. Playoffs. I've missed you so much.

Also, Fuck Joe West AND Angel Hernandez. You're both HORRIBLE.


  1. Joe West is one of the worst umpires in MLB. Whether it is his comments about the pace of red sox vs. yankee games or his all over the place strike zone he needs to retire. Rumor has it that he was booed out of a local Boston restaraunt this weekend while trying to get dinner! Angel Hernandez is bad too he has never called a good game! Their are 4 umpires including those two that I hate and should be fired! Can you name the other? If so that is reasoning alone why they should be fired. We should not know their names, the good ones make the calls right and consistent and should be in the background!

  2. CB Bucknor and Tim McClelland.

  3. Wow you didnt even have to think about that. You are dead on and they should be fired!!!! Maybe we should start a fire CB Buckner/jow west campaign!