Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enough Already.

Okay, on a day when I should be congratulating 2009 David Ort, errr, Carl Crawford, I'm going to staple it directly to his nuggets. I mean, he does have a baseball card he's not even approaching yet. It's getting old for me to see this guy whiffing at ball four all the time, and hitting lefties to the tune of not at all.

So, in my defense, he's some stats:
Versus Lefties: AVG. 0.140 and OBP of 0.189 [Hello 2009 Ortiz]
Versus Righties: AVG. 0.234 and OBP of 0.267
Versus NYY (27ab): AVG. 0.074
RISP: AVG. 0.133

I wasn't aware this was who this guy was. In fact, I was certain he was better than this. Maybe it's just this guy who made him look so good all the time.

Whatever the case, it's time for this guy to start playing like he should. I'm sick of the excuses. It's almost June guy.

PS: Congratulations on the scoring run last night.


  1. Thnk goodnees he didn't swing at ball four last night!

  2. And While Crawford struggles to find his way the red sox have the 5th best record in the AL. Are only 2.5 games behind the Rays. Crawford has been part of 3 walk off wins.
    The hitting and Crawford CANNOT be the major concern of this team! The major concern is the SP and the front end of the Bullpen. We had concern with dice-k and Lackey and their well documented struggles and they will contiinue with whomever replaces them in the rotation. Are we statisfied with Atchison/Wheeler/Jenks/Bowden? Will Jenks come back healthy and effective? Will Albers continue to out perform his expections? Will Bard/Papelbon get any help from the rest of the pen and SP? These are the questions that need answers if we are going to make a run!

  3. hmmm gaming winning hit again for Crawford!