Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/10/11-5/11/11 Red Sox vs. Toronto

Jon Lester 4-1, 2.33 vs.  Kyle Drabek 2-2, 4.50      
 Prediction: Red Sox win
- Red sox are playing well right now coming off a gem by Beckett and a walk off double Crawford
- Toronto has lost their last 3
-I'm taking the Red Sox solely becasue of Lester he needs to throw another good game becasue the Red Sox do hit well against pitchers they have never seen before like the rookie Drabek
-Drabek is the son of Doug Drabek

John Lackey 2-4, 7.16 vs. Jesse Litsch 3-2, 4.04    
Prediction: Red Sox Lose
- The 1 reason why I think the Red Sox will lose this game heading into a big showdown with the yankees is simple and can be summed up in 2 words....Lackey Sucks!

I was 3-1 against the Twins! As soon as Liriano was pushed back their was no way the sox would lose the final game it only took extra innings...gulp. Wakefield needed to pitch better but the team is turning it around! Bring on the Blue Jays!


  1. Lester has to be better than that, but hopefully, Lackey finds some shell of himself today and at least gives them a few.
    Problem with Farrell is that he knows this team so well, he knows exactly what buttons to push and when to push them.

  2. Well looks like i was 1-1 this series. I called the Lackey loss (it wasnt that difficult) Lester surprised me some but guys can have days off you hope the rest of the team can pick him up. The offense did but the bullpen did not!