Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Main Event: Weaver vs. Pedroia 5/2/11

Last night while at Fenway I was able to watch one of the great at bats anybody will ever see! Dustin Pedroia the leader of the Boston Red Sox (Sorry Tek he is the captain) vs the early season leader in starting pitching Jered Weaver. Before the game started I was watching the beautiful, new this season, HD Scoreboards above the bleachers! Those unbelievable HD Monsters showed the Fenway Faithful the AL leaders in pitching and all I saw was:

Leader in Wins - Weaver  (6)
Leader in ERA - Weaver  (0.99)
Leader in K's - Weaver  (44?)

Oh great and here we are down 2-1 with Crawford on 3rd,  and Ellsbury on 1st (Ells stole 2nd during the at bat) and Pedroia at the plate!

Yes, I am that Idiot
What we saw was Jered Weaver throw everything he had to Pedroia for 9 minutes; every arm angle, speed change, breaking stuff, fastballs, up down, and side to side! What did Pedroia do? He battled and battled like he has done at every level of baseball he has been at! He saw 13 pitches! 13 frick'n pitches and he fouled off 10 of them, including 6 straight before lacing a 2 run single up the middle. When the Red Sox desperately needed a big at bat, who else would you want up there? We needed a clutch hit so that the idiot who wants to make a move on May 2nd could be quiet for 1 night. Our "New Captain" did just that, he stepped up and provided me and the rest of Red Sox nation a glimpse into what this team is going to be like for the remainder of the season!


  1. Idiot?

    Weren't you the same guy who posted about Bobby Jenks a few days ago, you know, in April?

    It's great Ped had a nice at bat after a couple weeks of batting below .100, but Ped was never the issue with me.

    It's about time one of us gets a good game to see. I mean, Even the shell of David Ortiz went yard. Good game to catch.

  2. I am concerned about Jenks but just because he is struggling doesn't mean I want him traded away or replaced. All I am saying now is relax lets evaluate the team see where our weaknesses are and make a plan! Major moves should not be done in April or May!